Mitch Mistake


Who is this jerk?

Also, why should I care?

A couple freinds and I started a band years back called the Grave Mistakes (Miss Billie, Brad Graves and Mitch Mistake) the name just sort of hung around like a thick cloud and I got comfortable with it. It makes my mother sad because "I was not a mistake", so my slogan has become on purpose since 1974

Why should you care? You shouldn't. What's in a name, right? I have been doing art and design since I was tiny. When I was young instead of forts I built small imaginary advertising companies (I didn't know what graphic design was then, it was all just advertising to me). I emptied out the bottom of my closet and built a tiny little office and started redesigning ads for companies from magazines I saw. To be honest, I did build a lot of forts too.

In 2014 my wife, our daughter, our cat and I packed up our life in the mountains and headed to the east coast (our daughter wasn't old enough to help with the packing but neither was the cat - they kept each other company) I currently still work as a designer for a small print shop back in the mountains (in Alberta - welcome to the future!). Most of my designing at work is for the tourism industry. I do a lot of promo materials for hotels and tour companies, a lot of restaurant menus, ads and posters for local businesses. We are pretty busy and it's quite diverse work, which is fun for me.

On the side I mostly work with bands and venues doing show posters, cd layouts, t-shirt designs, etc...


I make a lot of posters. Here's a bunch of them.

I do Other Things

Not just posters.

I design a lot of posters but I also do a lot of other stuff. Most of my freelancing has been with bands over the years doing CD layouts, t-shirt designs, banners, (posters) - whatever. I had a tiny company a while back silk screening shirts but it didn't last too long (long story).

I spend a lot of time tinkering and building things too, my most recent endeaver was crates - I started building and selling crates from an imaginary crate company named after my grandfather - the Percival Crate Co. I do logos from time to time and paint and take photos. I do some illustration when I need to but it is not my strong suit.

Here is a sampling of some of the other things I do. This site is a bit of a work in progress so things might change from time to time.


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Dummy Down

A while back I wrote this. It's a short play about a dying ventriloquist and his last conversation with his dummy.
(also available as a download on iTunes)

Dummy Down ebook version

Some of the sites where I find a lot of the resources I need.

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